smc Pentax Fisheye Zoom
Ole Oest

a-smc Pentax-F  17-28_3.5-4.5 b-A190_040630_16p_ex_LZ17 c-040708113p_abassMLZ17fl17 d-040711164p_hplplq2s150s1s4LZ17 e-031104_24_zms1

The smc Pentax-F 17-28/3.5-4.5 Fisheye Zoom is unique! No other manufacturer has anything like it.
At 17 mm it covers 180 degrees diagonally (on a 35mm camera, somewhat less on the *istD). It may not be the sharpest game in town, but it is fun to use.

This autofocus lens weighs just 255 grams, has 9 optical elements and a built-in lens hood. Being this compact you tend to carry it with you at all times. It does not take any filters.

This gallery shows various photos taken with the Pentax *istD and this lens.

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