smc Pentax-FA 28-90mm/3.5-5.6
Ole Oest

a-smc Pentax-FA  28-90_3.5-5.6 b1-031108_07_bl b2-031108_05 b3-031108_10 BR03-m29845_031116_42_a
BR18.4-m37184_031111_32_a BR55-m37550_031116_45_bia      

It is difficult to beat this lens in value with its price well below 100 US Dollars.
The build quality is so-so but that seems to not affect the optical performance which is very good for the price.
The lens focuses down to 40 cm, weighs 195 grams, and takes 58mm filters. It is an autofocus zoom and it has 10 optical elements.

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