Brienz Rothorn Bahn - July 2007


There are numerous interesting railways in Switzerland. This gallery presents the Brienz Rothorn Bahn, which is
a narrow gauge rack-railway running from Brienz to Rothorn. Brienz is a small town along the shore of lake
"Brienzer See" and is located east of Interlaken by some 20 minutes by train or car. The lake actually
extends all the way to Interlaken.

Rothorn is a mountain top in 2,350 meters elevation offering a breathtaking view of the lake and the Bernese Alps
with among others the peak of the Jungfrau.

The trains are powered by steam and diesel engines. The steam engines are modern constructions
from the 1990'ies and rather than being coal-fired they burn diesel fuel.A train consists of two wagons
pushed by an engine. On the most popular departures two trains will departat the same time and travel within a few meters of each other.

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