The Racehorse List

This list was originally put together and maintained by John "racehorse in the desert" Powers at the Pentax SLR forum at It contains links to the most interesting discussion threads at this forum, and some references to information elsewhere in the Internet. The list was well recognized by the members as a means to quickly look up Pentax SLR specific information. It works similar to a FAQ, but the fact it references discussion threads, sometimes several to one topic or question, it is a more comprehensive source of information than a FAQ list, that usually gives one answer and viewpoint to each question.

At the end of 2006 the community of the dpreview Pentax SLR forum underwent some rapid changes and the list was little maintained, but kept available. Today, with FAQ and sticky threads here at, the Racehorse List isn't as important any more, but we think there is a value to continue a reference list for Pentax SLR information. Such a list could point to several sites on the Internet: this forum, the one over at, and other sites in various countries with Pentax forums, such as

This list is now maintained by the staff- please contact us to suggest a resource.

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